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Last LAST blog >_>..

My favorite activity this year was the “Ender’s Game” project,  because I like the idea of a six-seven year old boy murdering people and blowing up planets.  My least favorite thing was those poems, I didn’t understand them thus my grades suffered… I learned alot from the ape, thats why I do well in my writing. I learned that  you played ps3, which is strange haha usually Moms don’t play games like Fallout or CallofDuty I admire that. I didn’t take the english taks so I didn’t really really need to prepare for taks at all.


Uh… I don’t really see the slightest of Ender in any of these characters, soooo I’m gonna compare their diffrences. First of all, Ender was like what nine years old? and The other characters have six seven years on him, and he didn’t intentenally try to kill/hurt anyone like gene did, he had people go after him like Ralph but he err… how can I word this slaughtered them..? Would that be too vauge? Bah its my blog anyways haha, anyways back to the story,  Caesar was straight up murdered, ender wasent but they did attempt to kill him and they thus failed. The people trying to kill Ender ended up dead, talk about irony the killer being killed.

Siblings Enders game blog numba 1

I have a little sister, her name is Thina( pronounced Tina) I call her “thing” cause this lady typo’d her name on a letter she got, thus she got that nickname. I’m short tempered, and shes annoying we don’t get along very well. She likes to go into my room and play her korean-pop or her hippie music( she listens to indie rock), our rooms are connected by a bathroom so she can easilly get inside of my room when ever she wants. She likes to send me stupid photos by text when shes bored. I may not always get along with her but i’m stuck with her as my little sister. A pet pev that  I have is when a guy says your sister is cute, it pisses me off when someone says that then I gotta go “Mean” Alex on them. (I am not very friendly when this happens) I took care of her when she was a weeeeeeeeee little asian baby. (well I tried don’t forget I was like 4 when she was a few months old) . What I hated was when I was carrying her when my mom or grandma was busy she’d poo or pee in her diaper when I was carrying her or barf on me. I couldn’t freak out when I was carrying her or I would accidently drop her, I would just stand there with a poker face and be like uhm.. “Ma, em cuc roi” meaning Mom sister pooped already. Then my mom would carry her and change her of course being the older brother I’d carry the smelly diaper and make a huge scene while taking it like uh 4-5 feet and toss it in the rubbish bin. I love my little sister but at the same time we’re like enemys. One day I wanabe her idol once I accomplish something great like say… finish school? lol