A Tyrant is a bad king/ruler/president/leader or what ever you want to use.  A good example at the moment is probably kim jong il, his people are starving and all he cares about is his army, even his soilders are starving and their chinese friend help out those soilders by giving them food once and awhile, he also likes to start crap with south korea, he blew up an island..lol korea boy trying to start stuff with us again.

Much about this tenacious leader remains a mystery. The short, bespectacled political figure rarely appears in public and almost never leaves the country. Kim Jong-Il has a reputation for loving movies and foreign liquor. It has also been said that he is very concerned with his appearance – carefully styling his hair and wearing lifts in his shoes to make him seem taller.

With its poor economy and lack of sufficient food supplies, some experts wonder how much longer Kim Jong-Il will remain in power. Still analysts didn’t believe that he would last as long as he has so far – holding on to power for more than a decade


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