I’ve been jealous before, then again who hasn’t. I try not to let these kind of things get between my friendship. Once my friend got the xbox360 before I did and he was being a complete prick about it,(excuse my language lol) Before he got that thing we used to talk alot and go outside, but all he wanted to do now was play xbox. He finally realized that he gave up our friendship for a electronic. My friend was jealous of me cause I finally had the nerve to ask this girl to home coming but the problem was he liked her too. Before I asked her I asked him if it was okay, He said it was okay but I know now It really wasent. He spent weeks ignoring me but i didnt know why, I was thinking to myself “do i smell or something? Cause he hasent spoken to me for weeks” Then he bumped into to me and glared then i knew something was up. I later confronted him and he told me the whole story. I told him I was sorry for letting a girl get between us, probably in the future something like this wont happen again. My advice is if they say its okay its usually not and you gotta press on till they spill the beans


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