New goals I guess.

I feel like, I didn’t even bother to lift up a finger. In order to strive and succeed over my fellow class mates, I’m going to actually have to work(Which I find to be a drag). At this rate no college would accept me, well if I tried out for a community college, but thats just a waste of time and money. Well, since I get a new slate I’m going to over achieve this semester in order to pass with flying colors. I no longer care If people call me “nerd” cause I decide to pay attention in class. I’ll be able to do this with my dad guiding me through these few years in highschool, Cause I know he wants me to be independent when im out on my own. My reputation is kinda of butchered at the moment, “this kid is lazy” I want to turn that around so they’ll be like Oh I thought wrong. As my father once told me,  Not even god himself can help you if you cant help yourself, I usually don’t listen to his preachings cause people say i’m stereotypical, Cause I’m in an asian house hold. Then again im the oldest son in the family so I gotta set an example for my younger sister who’s doing better than I am anyways.  This semester im aiming or 85+ in my grades so I can redeem myself for once and not dissapoint people that I care about.


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