Monthly Archives: December 2010

My favorite holiday tradtion is thanksgiving, we get together with my family and get a chance to cook. I hate cooking though, because I usually sent things on fire… due to the fact that Im deemed a pyromaniac. I don’t have much family here┬ábecause my father came here alone and my mom came with her mom and her brother, but I don’t consider him my uncle for the things he did.. My neighbors are like my family cause their son is like my little brother, he may get annoying at times but hes like my little brother.

Hes really tall, im short , im like the brains and hes the brawn i think he smashes. Once we went to californa with my family and his, and i told my dad we had to stop cause i really had to go to the bathroom. But since I couldnt go number two, It came out of my mouth, I spewed chunks all over the van. Since his little sister wouldnt stop moving up and down i barfed on her then she screamed. I think she learned her lesson and sat down through out the whole ride. Its a tradition for me to make a cassarole. Ms.Brantley is making me turn off the computer so im going to end this post short.