Monthly Archives: November 2010

While we were, scavaging for food we heard a loud howl and a crash noise Bradley having a weak bladder wet himself and we had to change the leaf bed AGAIN! Kameron got a torch and went out into the forest and decided to look for the cause of the loud noises, As for me I decided to bring out the flash light i had in my jean pocket and looked around. The “monster” was just Micheal it seemed as he ran into a palm tree while eating his shrooms yet again..


Our mirrior reflection finally attracted attention, we had no sign of Micheal last time we spotted him he was licking toads again. I realized we were not marroned on an island we were rescued by a junk fleet.. and the island we were on was a small island on a park in  downtown galveston and we only had to swim half a mile to shore… maybe thats why I heard car horns in the morning. Im guessing thats why Bradley had mcdonalds, he wasent telling us how he got it, he just said we were crazy and he was eatting coconut shells inbetween more coconut shells. I don’t think our rescue was the same as the rescue on Lord Of The Flies because we were lost on an island where we could of walked our way back home, but the kids in the book had to GET rescued cause they were in the middle of no where.. A couple of months after being rescued we found Micheal in a mental isylum.. he kept saying THE BEAST WILL GET US IT IS RIGHT HERE! and he’d point to the ground we didn’t see anything so we decided to leave him in there.