Survivor project

Me and Bradley didn’t expect to be chosen for the Academy suvivor project, but our first week took a toll on us cause we were used to sitting around and eating alot of high fat foods. We did horrible the first few challanges they offered us, cause we didn’t have the food we used to eat at home. When we were exploreing on the island we happend to stumble apon someones old science kit, We used Sudan solution to test out the boar meat we had for lipids,  Biuret for protein, Benedict Iodine for starch. It turns out it had everything but it had little starch, so we ate bread fruit we found there for our starch. We found plenty of organisms, like mold and and krill, we didn’t bother to touch them though.. After finding the chemistry set me and Bradley outproformed the other members in the other team, because they ate nothing but bananas and they had to use the restroom alot due to the overload of potasium and what not.



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