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Survivor project

Me and Bradley didn’t expect to be chosen for the Academy suvivor project, but our first week took a toll on us cause we were used to sitting around and eating alot of high fat foods. We did horrible the first few challanges they offered us, cause we didn’t have the food we used to eat at home. When we were exploreing on the island we happend to stumble apon someones old science kit, We used Sudan solution to test out the boar meat we had for lipids,  Biuret for protein, Benedict Iodine for starch. It turns out it had everything but it had little starch, so we ate bread fruit we found there for our starch. We found plenty of organisms, like mold and and krill, we didn’t bother to touch them though.. After finding the chemistry set me and Bradley outproformed the other members in the other team, because they ate nothing but bananas and they had to use the restroom alot due to the overload of potasium and what not.



I didn’t care about who stole the food, im not sure about the others. Bradley looks pretty mad because he wanted to eat the canned prunes with some pig snout… Kameron was upset too because we had grape juice… I think it was Micheal because he has gone crazy, when we hunt he throws sands at the animal and he lives in a hole in the ground and talks to himself alot.We dont think he has bathed in days… Yesterday we saw micheal talking to coconuts, kameron suggested that we knocked him out and put him in a hole till he gained his sanity. but i thought that was a bad idea to put him in a hole, due to the fact he has been living in a feces infested hole… Micheal started to foam at the mouth and at night he tends to be awake… i think he was the one to steal our food, because all he has been eating was wild mushrooms. Micheal tends to vist the hole where we used to go to the bathroom in it  and chant and dance around in the smelly hole wearing a pig headdress that he fashioned out of a carcass. we plan on whacking him sooner or later and when we get rescued we are going to say he “dissapeared”. We should look through micheals camp to find our food that he stole and beat him with rocks till he cant move anymore

The rules we came up with was, in order to talk you had to kill an medium sized mammal for food. Meaning you were the top dog, in killing animals and that we get to eat tonight. Another rule we came up with is, you must think  about your actions, “will this help us get out of here or survive? Or will it keep us from leaving this place.” If you disobey we put the purpatratior in a wooden crate and poke him with pointed sticks. Anyways Bradley decided to eat our kill from last nightand we woke up and had to eat coconuts “I hate coconuts”. So we left him in the crate and had fun poking at him for a few minutes till he learned his lesson. We didn’t kill any boar today so we went fishing and caught small fishes, they wernt much to eat so we put 2 in banana leaves and stuck them in the fire’s ember and cooked it that way. I’ve only been asleep for 4 hours I need to catch up on my sleep due to the fact that im always tired. I decided to sneak away from the group and slept in a small cave I found, I made it my little get away place, when i wanted alone time from the friends. I think a large animal dug out the cave but oh well it is very cozy in here and enought space for meim gonna end thisblog short cause im very tired right now