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The night was very cold, none of us had much sleep. Micheal got lost because he wanted to go sleep in the sand in the pouring rain. Bradley kept trying to spoon us, Kameron kept sitting up in his sleep and talking, I was covered in mosquito bites and i kept accidently kicking my friends. So pretty much our plan incase one of us acts bad, we built a wooden crate out of sticks, and we lock up our buddy that has been acting up, and poke with a pointed sstick till theye learn their lesson. We have created weapons out of logs and rocks, Micheal likes to throw sand because “it blinds them and we can make sand darts” what ever that is. We watched bradley try to harvest honey, he just ended up covered in stings. We had to administer first aid to bradley cause he was very swollen. Micheal had to stay back to keep the fire going, Kameron and I saw a couple of boars we beat them in the head with rocks and brought them back to the camp and ate them.


My Goals For English

Last year, all I did was slack off and did nothing. Due to the fact that, I hate english with a passion. I might as well learn this year to make up for what I did not learn during my last year class. I always have the tendency to get distracted when im bored and go into “la la land”. This happens when im not interested in the material or when im being lazy. My goals for this class are currently…. to make atleast anything higher than an C. Last year i barley passed by the skin of my teeth :C. I know I can do alot better than last year, because I hardly put any effort into what I did. All the english terms confuse me and give me a headache, I rather stare at a calc text book and attempt to solve the question then look at “proper english terms”. Im going to have to limit when I can goof around and when I have to work. Im usually goofing around so that doesn’t help me with getting my work done. I don’t like poetry, because I don’t like thinking much. I need to also do my homework when I get home, I usually just screw around till I pass out. My last goal for english is to get a “2” on my english essays. My last essay was an 85, I know I can do better  than that.

Oh right! I gotta get better with my hand writeing. It resembles a chicken drunk off of moonshine. I don’t feel like blogging anymore so im going to cut it short here.

Hello world!

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